Veterinary Plastics

Veterinary Plastics

As a leading medical plastics manufacturer in the UK, we’ve naturally moved into becoming a market leader for veterinary products too. With clean room and white room manufacturing conditions at our sites, we can ensure the highest quality medicinal devices and packaging for veterinary supplies and consumer products.

Our complete service covers all aspects of design and development, providing full FMEA and flow analysis, testing and full project management of tooling. Our veterinary plastic product assembly service is complemented by automated and manual assembly of the products, packaging and devices we produce. From our UK based manufacturing unit we are able to offer robotic assembly and 100% inspection vision systems, multi colour printing and foil stamping, ultrasonic welding and electronics design, and integration with full function testing.

Case Study

Case Study

Bob Martin: Impregnated Animal Collars
Bob Martin

Working closely with our client, Bob Martin, we developed a brand-new material with which to make pet collars for cats and dogs. Many months of initial material development working with our raw material supplier and testing impregnation techniques in their laboratory led to a final material being approved for use by the client.

During the development stage, a single cavity pilot injection mould tool was manufactured that would be able to make the dog collars. We then tested the material in real life conditions. Utilising this mould, we were able to test the efficacy of the impregnated ingredient and also check that the buckle design worked to hold the collar in place.

With the production quality collars from the pilot mould, Coda were able to move forward with the robotic automation and flow wrapping equipment that would be fitted downstream to the injection moulding machine to enable Coda to supply a fully finished and packaged product which could be delivered straight to the customers finished goods warehouse.

Production injection mould tools were being manufactured at one of Coda’s UK tooling partners and during this time the pilot mould was utilised for some initial production launch volumes to test all of the processes from order to fulfilment.

The production mould tools once completed were validated and approved by Bob Martin and the full automated production cell was signed off.

Bob Martin
  • Bob Martin had developed the concept for his impregnated animal collars, but needed a developer to help him realise it.
  • We worked with our raw material supplier to develop a brand-new material
  • Tests included making sure that the impregnated ingredient was effective and ensuring that the buckle would hold fast on an active pet
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Three Year Guarantee

Three Year Tooling Guarantee

When you buy a mould tool, we guarantee it for three years with unlimited use. If it wears out or needs fixing, then we’ll repair it at no cost to you.

Our unique three year guarantee ensures a high quality tool and a high quality product.

We don’t use low-quality mould tools, the mould tools we use are built to last. Using the latest mould flow analysis software, we can assure the quality, performance and appearance of the product production before we begin to make the tool.

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