Horticultural Plastics

Horticultural Plastics

From bottles of slug pellets to self-watering flower pots, gardening tools to propagation kits we have the capacity and capability to bring your item to market quickly without compromising on quality. A horticultural plastic product manufacturer with over 40 years’ experience.

As a horticultural plastic products manufacturer with over 40 years’ experience, we have the expertise to ensure your injection or blow moulded item gets a green thumbs up.

Case Study

Case Study

UPI: Flower Tower
Flower Tower

Unique and Practical Ideas Ltd contacted us with a concept for a flat packed tower product that they wanted to take to market. With a rudimentary prototype made from a plastic dinner plate glued to a piece of drainpipe and spray painted to look like a one piece moulding, we worked with UPI’s team and developed the design for volume manufacture.

From the initial concept our design team worked up the product in 3D on our CAD system, and optimised the components for injection moulding and mass production. Our designers reduced the number of parts involved in the structure by developing a moulded in clip feature, reducing the part count optimised the design as well as reducing the cost to UPI maximising profit. The original design featured the central watering tube and outer sleeves as solid pieces, meaning that the packaging would have to be at least 900mm² – a major problem for retailers and shipping. Our team designed a tube connector which would allow the inner tube to be supplied in parts and constructed by the consumer, and folding creases in the sleeves. These changes helped reduce the size of packaging to just 25% of the original size.

Within 16 weeks of first contact, the final product was manufactured and ready to be shipped. We handled all of the logistics on UPI's behalf and arranged for pallets of the product to be delivered to their customer's retail warehouses. UPI were also able to utilise our fulfilment service and would send through daily shipping lists for mail order. We would ensure that these were despatched using either Royal Mail or courier delivery service.

  • We were approached with a rudimentary prototype which we developed into a consumer product, optimising the design for shipping, storage and point of sale display
  • The products were ready to be shipped to retailers within 16 weeks of initial contact with us
  • The client utilised our fulfilment service whereby we stored and managed delivery for mail order purchases

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Three Year Guarantee

Three Year Tooling Guarantee

When you buy a mould tool, we guarantee it for three years with unlimited use. If it wears out or needs fixing, then we’ll repair it at no cost to you.

Our unique three year guarantee ensures a high quality tool and a high quality product.

We don’t use low-quality mould tools, the mould tools we use are built to last. Using the latest mould flow analysis software, we can assure the quality, performance and appearance of the product production before we begin to make the tool.

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