Food and Beverage Packaging

Food and Beverage Packaging

We’re plastic food packaging manufacturers, producing high quality blow moulded and injection moulded receptacles at high volume. Our facility in Norfolk has a specialised food and beverage factory, with AA High Hygiene BRC accredited facilities so you can be sure of the highest standards of quality control. We can ensure your product is compliant with UK, EU and international food safety legislation.

Our design team will work with your branding and marketing teams to develop a unique product that will perfectly complement your smoothie, ready meal or water bottle. We have over 40 years’ experience working with clients of all sizes and are able to produce more than 60 million mouldings a month. Our own on-site warehousing and distribution teams allow us to store your product and deliver it direct to your filling or processing facility on demand, streamlining your supply chain.

Case Study

Case Study

Roots Collective: Drinks Bottles
Roots Collective

Roots Collective produce a range of healthy, vegetable based blends that are sold in the UK, Ireland and the US. The company came to us to design and produce the bottles for their new products, and we worked closely with the design and branding teams from Roots, with design sign off to production taking only 7 weeks.

The bottle was designed specifically for the client, the 230g PET bottles carry their own brand logo and identity on the base. We make these bottles in our AA High Hygiene BRC accredited facility and the bottles are designed to be capable of High Pressure Pasteurisation (HPP).

Roots Collective

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  • The bottles were designed specifically for the client, with their own branding on the base of the bottle
  • We produced the bottles in easily recyclable PET, matching the company’s green, healthy image and their environmental commitments
  • Our warehousing and distribution means we are able to produce at a high quantity, store on site and deliver to the client’s filling facility on demand

Food Packaging Products

Three Year Guarantee

Three Year Tooling Guarantee

When you buy a mould tool, we guarantee it for three years with unlimited use. If it wears out or needs fixing, then we’ll repair it at no cost to you.

Our unique three year guarantee ensures a high quality tool and a high quality product.

We don’t use low-quality mould tools, the mould tools we use are built to last. Using the latest mould flow analysis software, we can assure the quality, performance and appearance of the product production before we begin to make the tool.

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