Developing safety products for the construction industry

Posted on 28/01/2014
As the second largest consumer of plastic products in the UK, the building and construction industries are quickly beginning to take notice of the many benefits that plastic can offer when compared to traditional building materials. Hessiclip is just one example of how plastic can be used to provide cost effective, durable and recyclable products to the construction industry. Recently launched it has been designed to resolve the potentially dangerous practice of balancing loose bricks onto hessian sheets during the curing process. Having worked extensively on the design, development, prototyping and manufacturing of this product and with over 35 years experience in the plastic manufacturing industry, our team have the knowledge and expertise to assist at every stage in the development of your safety product. Got a project you would like help and advice with? Do not hesitate to get in touch by calling +44(0)1692 501020 Hessiclip

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